This contemporary companion set was recently completed for a client in East Sussex. The client’s brief was to design and produce a clean and simple set of tools which sat comfortably in the hand and complimented the space around it (as shown in photo).

The design idea came from a day of playing with the ideas of joining techniques like riveting and using dissimilar metals like copper or brass. The design could have included a twist from the handle to the base of the tool but, with the simplicity of the handle, I felt the companion set already had the character it needed

The transformation from turning one piece of 600mm x10mm square bar and using traditional forging techniques to produce a clean and practical product was a very enjoyable task as I feel was completed to a high quality.


Do you like the look of this companion set? You can find these and many more bespoke and unusual projects in my gallery.  Of course, if you find inspiration from my website, please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact page on my site.

Companion Set

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