Orchard Blacksmith have introduces a new experience day, where you and a friend will be able to leave your busy schedules and become a blacksmith for the day.

The day is all yours to create bespoke art work for your home or office. This experience will show the working day of a blacksmith, with the help of either Andy or Mikey Orchard. You will be able to learn simple forging techniques which have been used for centuries and this will help you to create unique pieces of ironwork.

The experience is for you and one friend from one day up to 5 days. With this time you will be able to choose a simple design for a product which you would like to create. The day will start with showing you forging techniques which you will use, with this you will be shown how to forge safely so you and your friend will be able to enjoy the day. Andy and Mikey will teach you about the history of blacksmithing and how it has evolved over time.

If you would like to find out more or book, then please contact us: