It had only been two days into 2018 but the plans for Orchardblacksmith are starting to grow with the starting of its first big project of a gate and railing for a home in Hove as well as creating smaller artefacts to sell at craft fairs around the South East. As well as getting into a full flow of projects, it’s also time to look for a bigger workshop to grow into and inspire my push to create this business.


With finding a workshop it gives me the perfect opportunity to publicly promote the business and being able to welcome percentile clients and passing public.

The beginning of 2018 brings the great challenge of this gate for a client in hove. The clients had made it clear and simple with what they want to show off at the front of their home. The drawing to the right shows how it will look full scale with the walls and railing, but before all this happens I use the client’s ideas and come up with a variety of drawings. Then from there, you draw the final piece as a working drawing for you to draw again but in full size giving you the full idea as to what it’s going to look like but also if it’s physically possible to create.

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